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Congratulations Zoella! Zoe Sugg Hits 11 Million Subscribers.

We knew this day was coming but I don’t think any of us expected it to be this soon. Minutes ago Zoe Suggs main channel Zoella or for you old school fans Zoella280390 hit a whopping 11,000,000 subscribers putting it as the 53rd most subscribed to Youtube channel.

Her channel has racked up around 804,000,000 views on 209 videos since she created the channel┬áback in February 2007. The channel hit it’s first million subscribers back in April 2013 and it has just snow balled out of control seeing the channel triple in size during the following three months!

It’s not only YouTube where Zoe has racked up so astonishing figures but all across her social media accounts;

Zoella-11-million Subscribers

The graph above shows her main channel subscribers and it’s predicted she will hit 12 million subscribers in March 2017 with 13 million following less than 6 months later.

Have a look at Zoella’s first public video



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