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Zoella Releases Christmas Range Including Christmas Crackers!

We all know that Zoella (Zoe Sugg) is good at many things. Two of these things being: creating amazing beauty ranges & creating amazing Christmas videos – including her vlogmas.

So we can thank the lords that she has finally decided to create a Christmas range for her body/skin care.

It wasn’t long ago that she created her Sweet Inspirations range – which went down a treat. They’re still available on Superdrug and FeelUnique.

We weren’t expecting her to bring out a new range for about another year so how happy were we when she surprised us with a Christmas range? The answer is: very!

Last year her christmas range was based around her original scent from her first range, but this year she has spiced things up! The scent of the new range is based around gingerbread and vanilla (yum!).

She has done amazing again with her design of packaging and scent. Zoe has also created new items specifically for this range as well as tweaking a few of her original items and giving them the Christmas spirit.

Zoella Christmas Range 2016Zoe has also released some items specifically for Christmas including some Christmas crackers!

So here is a list of her new products and a brief description. Remember if you’re interested they’re ON SALE NOW over on Superdrug and FeelUnique.

Zoella Hungry Hands – Hand cream(90ml). Gingerbread and vanilla scented hand cream.

Beauty Cosmetics Bag Trio – Three different beauty bags that slot inside each other. All with different designs, but all very beautiful!

Zoella Best Chums Cosmetics Bags – Two cosmetics bags that come in a set. On each of the bags is half a love heart and the words “Best” and “Chums”. Perfect for a gift for you and your best friend.

Zoella Deck The Baubles – A Christmas bauble filled with spicy gingerbread and warm vanilla bubble bath.

Zoella Just Crackers – Four christmas crackers and in each is a different ‘mini’ from her range. How exciting!

Zoella Gingerbread Bath Fizz Gift Set – A pack of bath fizzers shaped like gingerbread men! Which can be split apart for 6 baths. Gorgeous packaging as usual.

Zoella Spa In A Jar – A rose gold jar with Zoella engraved. Inside there is a white fluffy flannel with Zoella embroidered. There’s also a ginger&vanilla body cream and shower cream!

Zoella Gingerbread and Bake My Day Fragrance Gift Set – Includes the Gingerbread body cream in a beautiful red and gold packaging. The Bake My Day is the new fragrance spray with a similar bottle to the previous ranges – but a different design and a festive scent!

Zoella Pamper Hamper – A large, beautiful, white hamper which includes: Gingerbread and vanilla body cream, shower cream, bath fizzer, hand cream and bath crystals. (The bath crystals are only available when you buy the hamper.)

Zoella Gift Bags – Perfect for Christmas/birthday gifts!

Zoella Lip Balm Duo – Similar to her last christmas range. Zoella has released another set of heart shaped tinned lip balms. With the flavours soft gingerbread and vanilla. 

Zoella Lets Go Places – A cute pink and white briefcase/lunchbox that is perfect for travelling. It also includes a travel tag which can be used on your luggage for holiday. In the case is: Body wash, body cream and hand cream. All 100ml which is the perfect size for travelling!

Zoella Secret Scenta Mini Mist Set – this includes all of the previous scents as well as the new range one! This is my favourite part of the new range as the mist bottles are mini version and so cute! 

There’s some perfect gift ideas in Zoe’s new range and we’re thrilled to have some Christmas scents since we know how much Zoe has been waiting for Christmas! (Since May, we believe).



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