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YouTube Giving Diamond Play Button To 10 Million Sub Channels

Channels with over 10 million subscribers are set to be awarded a new Diamond play button, YouTube have announced.

The new way to recognise significant content creators with an impressive 9 figure subscriber count was announced at VidCon 2015 on the 23rd July.

Matthew Glotzbach took to the stage following a closing speech by CEO Susan Wojcicki to announce that the one hundred thousand and one million awards would now be followed up with an award for over 10 million subscribers.

YouTube had not seen any reasonable cause to introduce this award in the past but now over 35 channels have crossed the 10 million subs mark and it was time to recognise that achievement.

Many YouTubers who received the Diamond Play Button were in the crowd to receive their award on stage personally and after the event several commented on how heavy the trophy was.

Its thought that with PewDiePie already on the way to 100 Million Subscribers, there will soon be an award for that too, possibly coming at a VidCon in the future.

Spinnin’ Records, Benny and Rafi Fine of the Fine Bros. and React channels, Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist of Epic Rap Battles of History, and Ian Hecox and Anthony Padillaof Smosh, all took home a Diamond Play Button at the event.

Thousands of YouTube stars have already received the award for reaching 100,000 and 1,000,000 subscribers respectively.



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