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Who is YouTuber Adrenaline Junkie Ally Law?

Southampton YouTuber Ally Law started his YouTube channel in December 2014.

Its fair to say Law creates some of the most jaw dropping videos on the internet at this current time with his free climbing videos of some of the craziest building around the world.

Ally who is signed to Youtube network Zoomin TV caught the attention of people around the world since the first ever video he uploaded. Back in December 2014 Law uploaded a video of him doing parkour on the roofs of buildings in the city centre of his hometown Southampton.

The first media attention / backlash come after he uploaded a video of himself climbing up the Dumbleton Towers in Thornhill, Southhampton. Its not just the media that have criticised Ally, its fair to say the Police and some politicians ain’t fans of what he gets up too!

If you follow Ally Law’s YouTube channel you will know that Ally isn’t scared to tackle a court case or two as he promises his audience him and his friends never cause any damage while carrying out any activities for videos.

Ally’s recent content has took a little shift from free climbing to more overnight challenges. This involves him and his friends sneaking into a venue and hiding until it closes so they can enjoy the venue all night to themselves. Over the past year Ally has managed to sneak into trampoline parks, indoor waterparks, inflatable theme parks plus many more venues around the country. These challenges normally come to an end with some very angry security guards or with Ally and his friends in handcuffs.

Ally Law Youtube

Ally who is 20 years old and from Southhampton, England. He has previously said he was previously addicted to video games since age 13 but this didn’t stop him becoming a qualified carpenter (maybe thats where he gets his love for the high viz  jacket from).

The Ally Law YouTube channel is currently sitting at 456 thousand subscribers. If you want to keep up with Ally’s adventures you can subscribe here. Fancy picking up some of his sick posters check out his online store here.

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