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What’s YouTube Star Joe Sugg Started working on?!

Joe Sugg is finally back from South Africa! And it looks like he has some big news for us!

In Zoe’s VLOG yesterday, her brother Joe was in the London office, along with Alfie, Tanya and even Nala! You can watch her vlog HERE.

They were all seen in the office trying to fix the problem with The Creator Store. Check out our post on that HERE.

Whilst Zoe and Joe were chilling on the couch, Joe showed us his lock screen on his phone – which was the logo for Raucous Productions. He then told us: “Big news to come this year guys!”

Raucous Productions is Joe and Caspar’s production company, as they aim to create more shows.

What do you think Joe is working on? Could it be another Hit The Road with Caspar Lee? Or something new!

Whatever it is, we are very excited!




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