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Vlogger Jake Paul – Overnight stay at the Whitehouse challenge!!!!

Jake Paul attempts to stay in the Whitehouse overnight as one of his bucket list items.

He was originally invited to the Whitehouse for a media event with a bunch of other people.
Jake got a tour of the Whitehouse gardens and the east lawn as well as some parts of the Whitehouse itself!

The group then goes back inside and listen to Vice president Joe Biden speak and Jake poses at president’s podium!


The group then goes back inside and listen to Vice president Joe Biden speak and Jake poses at presidents podium!

Then all of a sudden when the crowd is being led out of the Whitehouse Jake breaks away from the pack turns a corner and heads up some stairs! Jake takes a stroll around to find a spot to hide out after the media event has finished!

Jake then takes his chances to get to his spot for the evening! Jake decides to hide in a bathroom cubicle.
He hides out for a couple of hours then, decides to phone his mom and she had no idea he was trying to stay over!

Jakes mom tells him its a bad idea, because of the secret service, potential alarm systems and security.

Jake then attempts to go to sleep on a window ledge of the bathroom for a little while.

Then at 3am Jake decides its time to leave as he begins to panic more and more about being caught and being arrested!

Finally Jake manages to get out at 3:30 am after getting lost and having to walk around to the opposite end of the Whitehouse, to jakes amazement he then manages to walk past 2 secret service agents until he gets to locked gate and has to hand his pass to one of the agents, who just simply lets Jake out of the gate no questions asked at all!

Jake then walks past my guards who just like the others say nothing at all.

He then celebrates and can finally relax and get on his flight back to LA in the morning!

Go and check the video out below, Its very intense!!!!



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