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How Many Albums Is Troye Sivan Expected To Sell?

Troye Sivan Album SalesWell known YouTuber Troye Sivan has hit the music industry for a second time as this week he released his first full-length album Blue Neighbourhood.

The numbers below are from HDD and are for U.S sales only.

Troye is expected to sell between 57-62k albums and if you include you streamers that number goes up to 63-68k and these numbers and just the prediction for the debut week!!

These are not the first successful numbers we’ve seen from Troye his previous EP’s, WILD and TRXYE both debuted in the Billboard charts at #5 with WILD selling 45k copies and TRXYE selling 30k.

Will Troye follow in the footsteps of Shawn Mendes who’s album debuted at #1 in the Billboard charts? We will have to wait and see but he’s got some tough competition this week with musical talent such as Adele, Justin Bieber and Coldplay.

No matter were you chart Troye we are proud! Download or Order Troyes new album Blue Neighbourhood HERE



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