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Top of the line smart phone for less than $250?????

Huawei have entered 2017 quite strongly, dropping their Honor 6X within the first few days and the video below shows everyone’s favourite boxer taking us through the paces down at Unbox Therapy.

Lets go through a quick breakdown of what the Honor 6X can offer us and then you can always check the full video out at the bottom of the article for that glorious, therapeutic feeling we all get when watching the Unbox Therapist do his thing.

Retailing at $249 – a crazy low figure considering how high end this thing is, and hopefully this mad price will plunge the other companies into some competitive pricing which can only be good for us the consumer.

5.5 inch phone, not too big but great for watching videos on the long train journeys etc., or for the ever important Candy Crush embargo you love.

Dual sim card slot, which can be used either with 2 sim cards, super handy if you are travelling and need a local sim and your own sim but the best part about this tray that some of the competition has failed to hit the mark on so far is the ability to use the other sim slot in your phone with a micro SD card to enhance storage on the phone!

Dual camera, making everyone a pro photographer

Fingerprint sensor – not the newest of tech but wait for it – the sensor is on the back of the phone just under the camera, super handy as when you pick the phone up and turn it over it will unlock for you. Those mere seconds it seems like your saving by not pressing a button, swiping and keying in a code, all add up so in a way this phone can make you age less than the others out there, think about it.

Props to Huawei for keeping it real over Apple to, they kept the headphone jack! You know how the Apple ear phones will definitely get lost over the next year, and also you have to charge those guys up, do you know the battery life on wired headphones? Infinite battery life right there!

There you go guys, six quick points on the Honor 6X, but don’t take our word for it, just scroll a bit further and click play on the video below to see for yourself (you also get that sweet peel sound which I can’t translate to text, you’ll get what I mean when you’ve seen the video).



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