TOP 5 Tuesday – Most Clickbait Youtuber Channels

Hey guys! Every Tuesday we will be giving you a look at our Top 5 picks of the week!

This week is Click bait YouTubers!

A lot of vloggers these days are using clickbait to get more views and subs, some clickbait is quite funny and others leave you feeling like you want 10 minutes of your life back ASAP!

 Number 5:

Pewdiepie – his click bait is usually pretty funny and sort of relevant to what actually goes on in his videos. His most known clickbait was I’m deleting my channel! Which started a media storm!

Number 4:

Number 4 goes to Fact Verse with their very misleading titles and thumbnails.

I watched a couple of videos and found them very misleading. Especially the ‘scary’ ones, obviously photoshopped pictures.

Number 3:

Third place goes to Lance Stewart. Lance is a vlogger who uses click bait for maximal effect and views. With videos like ‘I cut my finger off’ and ‘I’m going blind’ – which he does not cut his finger off or go blind!

Number 2:

spot goes to firmly Leafyishere. Leafy is YouTuber that talks about a lot of crazy stuff from ‘crazed man-child goes on a date with me’ and ‘this is my new boyfriend, I am gay’ but he’s calmed it down from his older stuff!

 Number 1:

Numero uno goes to Lispyjimmy is GTA 5 gamer. Who mostly posts videos about what seem to be made up stuff like a 10minute video on ‘Ratman’ on GTA 5 with no physical proof and just talks about it for 10 whole minutes!

Then his glowing knife video goes wrong, where the thumbnail shows red hot knife on somebodies hand Absolute clickbait! clickbait master or pathological liar? You decide!



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