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Who Is Tom Syndicate’s Girlfriend / Wife?

Tom Cassell, otherwise known as Syndicate introduced his girlfriend, Lydia Hewitt-Lee to his vlog audience back in August 2017 while the pair where enjoying a break in Ibiza.

Syndicate dated Kaitlin Witcher otherwise known on YouTube as Piddleass after he burnt her house down on a Minecraft server but the couple called an end to their long distance relationship for an unknown reason. After the breakup Tom dated Jess Hollingworth but this relationship didn’t seem to progress after the called quits in early 2016.

Toms current girlfriend Lydia Hewitt-Lee is thought to be the same age as Tom, 24. The pair are long time friends. Tom said in one of his recent vlog’s “Me and Lydia got to know each other from High School” the pair had an hour’s bus journey to and from school everyday. Even thought the pair weren’t in the same classes during the day at school according to Tom they used to hang out around the streets on a night all the time. Tom did attend a High school reunion around 10 months ago but we are unsure if this is were Tom and Lydia reformed their friendship.

Tom Cassell Syndicate Girlfriend Lydia

Since the pair announced their relationship Tom’s audience have followed them on their adventures around the world through his vlogging channel. The couple have enjoyed  multiple trips including, a romantic trip to France, Ibiza and London (for Bladerunner 2049 5 October).

Lydia, 24 appears to have got her degree at The University of Manchester before becoming a teacher at a Primary school in the Dukinfield area of Manchester, England which her mom is the Head Mistress.

The Life of Tom YouTube channel is currently sitting at 2.5 million subscribers. If you want to keep up with Syndicate’s adventures and/or his relationship with Lydia you can subscribe here. Fancy picking up some of his clothing line Sydicate original check out their online store here.

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