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Tanya Burr feels the love as her cook book tour continues.

Tanya Bakes is the first cook book from Youtube goddess Tanya Burr and her book tour is well on its way.

Although it’s a small tour Tanya is feeling the love from all of her fans, with queues miles long at every signing and endless amounts of gifts and selfies. We can’t forget the selfies.

With her sold out tour already hitting London, and Norwich, we decided to catch up with her on her trip to Milton Keynes and Liverpool.

And what better way to do it from the comfort of your own phone? That’s right we followed Tanya through snapchat.

Is it just me who follows celebrities on there and believes I’m apart of their lifestyle? Because I could literally tell you everything they’ve been up to. (laughing emoji)

It’s true though, it’s a great platform to keep up to date with your favourite stars.

So lets see what Tanya got up to on her Tanya Bakes book tour.

As we can see Tanya is a much loved superstar, with presents ranging from personalised pottery, ’70 reasons why we love Tanya Burr’ notebook (from different people) and a similar present with notes in a jar.

If you follow Tanya on snapchat, you’ll have seen endless amounts of flowers, collages of her and Jim and a cute little drawing of her darling Martha.

We also can’t forget her fabulous makeup, her eye for style and of course her obsession for pickled onion monster munch.

To follow Tanya on the rest of her book tour, add tanyaburr to your snapchat celeb stalking list.

Enjoy Dublin Tanya, we’ll be watching!



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