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Who Is Tanner Fox’s Girlfriend And YouTuber Taylor Alesia?

Tanner Fox’ first started uploading scooter riding videos to YouTube back in 2011; now his channel sits with 6.5 million subscribers at the age of 18. If you’ve seen some of Tanner’s recent videos, you will have most likely been introduced to his 21-year-old Girlfriend, Taylor Alesia.

Taylor has recently taken social media by storm with her online fashion and lifestyle content. Taylor’s Instagram (which you can check out here) is currently just sitting below 2 million followers, while her YouTube channel has just crossed 1.5 million subscribers.

Who Is Tanner Fox's Girlfriend Taylor Alesia

You might have heard of Taylor before since she used to date social media personality, Mikey Barone but it seems this wasn’t meant to be as it only seemed to last a couple of months. Mikey isn’t the only social media personality linked to Taylor’s dating past.

It is reported that she helped Taylor Caniff with his merchandise on his RV Project tour which lead to them both dating but it seems this wasn’t meant to be either. Alesia shared the news they were dating with her followers on social media, but Caniff replied saying that Alesia is a fame-seeking liar.

The millennial couple didn’t announce they where a dating straight away but that didn’t stop a couple of fans spotting hints. Tanner confirmed the relationship back at the beginning of April 2017 by posting a cute Instagram picture of the couple together captioned ‘Meet my girlfriend”.

Who Is Tanner Fox's Girlfriend Taylor Alesia

The Taylor Alesia YouTube channel is currently sitting at 1.5 Million subscribers. If you want to keep up with Taylor and Tanner’s  adventures, you can subscribe here, and here to Tanner’s channel.




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