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Saffron Barker To Join The Vamps On Their 2018 UK Tour

The Vamps have announced that they will be joined by 17-year-old YouTuber Saffron Barker on their Night and Day Arena Tour. A video of Connor Ball, Tristan Evans, James McVey and Saffron Barker was uploaded to The Vamp’s YouTube channel on 3 Jan, as they sat in the Cereal Killer cafe in London. The four announced that Saffron would be joining a handful of shows, helping out with the On Stage With The Vamps.

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UK Vloggers 

Hobbie Stuart to Release Original Single!

Hobbie Stuart creates amazing music covers on his channelĀ and has been for quite some time. As well as doing the common ‘monthly favourites’ and the occasional vlog, Hobbie has released on Twitter that he is going to be putting up an original single next week (how exciting!) He’s created covers by the amazing Adele, Biebs, Drake & more! So it’s going to be nice to see him use his amazing voice to do something original! Hobbie is often known as (Hobs) by fellow Youtuber and good friend Gabbie Lindley (Velvetghost).…

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