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Zalfie’s Halloween Party Video Features Group of Friends

Alfie and Zoe AKA Zalfie have hosted a cosy Halloween party which saw them dress up and watch a horror movie with a group of friends! Zoella dressed up as the goblin king from the film Labyrinth. Whereas Alfie didn’t really have a definitive costume, he had some makeup and three different masks And went around scaring his friends at any opportunity he had. They also dressed Nala up as a pumpkin!  

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YouTuber FunForLouis And Apple Set To Partner For New Project

We know that YouTube is becoming more and more of an interest to companies now, not only because of the potential but because of the followings the creators are gaining. FunForLouis mentioned in yesterdays vlog that he was heading to a meeting at 1 Infinite Loop (Apple HQ) in San Fransisco. As expected Apple didn’t allow Louis to video any contents of the meeting but when leaving he did say; That was an exciting but very long meeting but it turns out that I’m going to be working with Apple, they…

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Its Finally Time To Say Goodbye To 301 Views On YouTube

Every creator and even viewers should by now know about the infamous ‘301 Views’. YouTube always explained the view count was frozen at 301 views to give them time to get rid of robot/fake views on videos but it seems engineers at Google HQ have been working their magic. @YouTubeCreators tweeted yesterday that we can now say goodbye to the 301 view count as now they’ll update the view count more frequent and only with genuine views. This will help all the creators get a better feel of how their…

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Zalfie & Tyler Oakley Sing 'Love Is An Open Door' From Frozen! UK Vloggers US Vloggers 

Zalfie & Tyler Oakley Sing ‘Love Is An Open Door’ From Frozen!

This is how viral videos are made, put three of the most current vloggers together and mix them with a frozen song! Luckily this is exactly what went down in Pointless Blogs’ vlog last weeks. Tyler Oakley & Zalfie both all decided to have their own Car Karaoke to Frozen’s ‘Love Is An Open Door’. Im sure none of us would have any complaints about them doing a weekly cover if either of you’s are reading this :p 

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Zoella Girl Online: On Tour YouTube Youtubers Books 

Girl Online: On Tour. Everything You Need To Know About Zoella’s Book!

If you’ve been that one girl (or guy) thats been offline today then don’t worry we have all the information you need to know about Zoella’s new book. It is not called ‘Girl Online 2’ it is called ‘Girl Online: On Tour’ The cover shown above is just a mock up and is subject to change You can pre-order now but will be available from 20th October A limited number of signed copies will be available if you pre-order from either Waterstones, WHSmiths, Amazon and Tesco. There will be e-book versions…

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