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Air Pods or Air Poo?

Another hit video from the guys over at Unbox Therapy this time takes a look at the new Airpods, the wireless earphones that are designed alongside the newest IPhone, but for the first time ever they do NOT come with the smartphone, no earphones come alongside the device. The key feature that is highlighted in the below video is that these Airpods are sooooo much quicker at pairing with your phone over Bluetooth like waves than other wireless Bluetooth ear or headphones from the competition out there. You simply place…

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Whats In The Box?!

Unbox Therapy kicks back again this week with a mystery box! Something that the guys on the channel are especially stoked about, I don’t think I’ve seen them this animated right from the start of the video before. What’s in the box you ask? Well I guess you’ll have to click the Youtube link below to find out… Okay so for those of you that didn’t click the link, and admittedly the thumbnail gives it away, I’ll bring you up to speed here, it is a Kickstarter project that is…

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