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Whats In The Box?!

Unbox Therapy kicks back again this week with a mystery box! Something that the guys on the channel are especially stoked about, I don’t think I’ve seen them this animated right from the start of the video before. What’s in the box you ask? Well I guess you’ll have to click the Youtube link below to find out… Okay so for those of you that didn’t click the link, and admittedly the thumbnail gives it away, I’ll bring you up to speed here, it is a Kickstarter project that is…

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Razer’s TOP SECRET Project

Razer, the brilliant PC company that all you PC gamers have spent many hours scrolling through their site, click their buttons in store and ogling their wonderful projects, has struck again! They have a habit of showing us consumers something that looks absolutely £u©#1ng amazing and we want to scream “TAKE MY MONEY” while shovelling wads of cash at their rep. To start off 2017 they have not failed to hit the mark once more. This time they’ve decided to stick with their awesomely powerful gaming laptops, but added two…

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