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Zalfie’s Halloween Party Video Features Group of Friends

Alfie and Zoe AKA Zalfie have hosted a cosy Halloween party which saw them dress up and watch a horror movie with a group of friends! Zoella dressed up as the goblin king from the film Labyrinth. Whereas Alfie didn’t really have a definitive costume, he had some makeup and three different masks And went around scaring his friends at any opportunity he had. They also dressed Nala up as a pumpkin!  

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Are We Expecting A Pointless Book 3 To Drop In The Future?

In yesterday’s vlog, Alfie told us that he’s been discussing a Pointless Book 3! He mentioned meeting with his team regarding another book, as the first two were so popular. He already has the Pointless Book 1+2, as well as The Scrapbook Of My Life. We got TSOML last year, so it’s about time we got a new one for 2017! Deyes also spoke about making the next book a lot more interactive, and possibly getting some of the PB gang to design some of the pages – how cool…

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Which Youtubers are going to star in Release The Hounds?

The TV show Release The Hounds has just released the trailer to the next series of the show. And it includes some familiar faces! Alfie Deyes, Joe Sugg and Marcus Butler are to star in the February series of Release The Hounds, called: Famous & Freaked. The video was released on Friday 13th (to help with the spookiness), and shows the YouTube threesome running through various scary sets and jumping – a lot. Along with Alfie, Joe and Marcus is Chloe Ferry, Stacey Soloman and many other reality TV stars. We…

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Will 2017 See The End Of PointlessBlog?

It’s been a long while since we heard “What’s up guys?” and admired the cheesy smile from PointlessBlog. The last main channel video uploaded by Alfie (that was actually interesting), was in August 2016. Ever since then he’s uploaded unoriginal content, until any content ceased in November. *He did randomly upload one three weeks ago in December, bravo to him*

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PointlessBlog Announces 3rd Book Coming Sooner Than You Think! 

Alfie Deyes today in his pointlessblog, announced that the ‘secret project’ he has been working on for a while is actually another book but will not be ‘The Pointless Book 3’. The only details Alfie released about the book is what is wasn’t going to be confirming its not going to be ‘The Pointless Book 3’, it’s not a novel (jokingly said ‘Boy Online’) and it also isn’t a biography! The way Mr Deyes explained it in his video it seems he is tackling the writing process his self with…

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