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SacconeJolys Raise Money For Children’s Cancer Research

The Sacconejoly’s uploaded an emotional vlog today, which pulled on all of our heart strings.

Emilia’s friend George, who is in her class at school – has been diagnosed with cancer, and his family and friends are trying to do everything they can to raise money for children’s cancer research.

There isn’t enough funding going into research for children’s cancer, and it’s very different research that goes into children’s cancer compared to adult cancer, says George’s mum Vicky.

Little George has had an unfriendly visitor from ‘Tony the tumour’, which his parent’s have had to explain – is not very nice and will be doing horrible things to him – such as take away his hair.

The help George is getting from The Royal Marsden hospital is described as being “absobloodylutely amazing” on the JustGiving page.

The money that George’s friends and family is not just for him, but for The Royal Marsden hospital, to go into research for the many types of horrific cancers that can affect children. ‘Tony the tumour’ is very rare, and affects only 300 children a year in the UK.

George’s family are wanting to raise £100,000 for the hospital and with the help from the generous public and the Sacconejolys, the online JustGiving page has reached 44% of the target(as we write this), with £44,339!

I’m sure that we can all help George Woodall and his family raise this money for a very healthy cause. If each reader or each viewer of the Sacconejolys donated just £1 each, then it will make a very substantial difference to the money being raised.

You can find the Just Giving page HERE, where you can read about ‘George and his Giant Pledge.’

George and his family will be very grateful for your donations and you can go to sleep tonight knowing you have helped contribute to saving a child’s life.

VloggerGossip ourselves has made a donation towards the great cause and hope you can too.

If your new years resolution is to be more helpful and giving? This is an amazing way to start. Even £1 makes all the difference. Even sharing the page on social media will help to spread the word.







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