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UPDATED: Is The SacconeJoly baby arriving today?

There has been a number of tweets from Jonathan & his wife Anna today in the past couple of hours, leading us to believe Saccone baby may be on its way!

It all started a couple of hours ago when Jonathan tweeted this;
Hinting that their baby may be due in the next couple day

Then Anna tweeted an hour later saying ‘Jonathan get me my camera’

Then minutes later she tweeted Jonatan again saying it’s an emergency? does this mean the baby is on its way and Anna is going to vlog through the delivery?


Baby Saccone will not be arriving today it was a preview off todays vlog and the doctor said if the baby was born today it would survive! there is still about 7-9 weeks left for their baby girl!

Anyway on the vlog from today they give a hint out to what their baby’s name might be.

the hint came from grandma Saccone gave a hint to say you would have to keep up with the theme, so judging by that I thinks its fairly obvious to say the baby’s name starts with an ‘E’

We think one of the names could be one of the following;Β Eloise, Esmeralda, Eila, Elyssa or Evalina!


Jonathan told us about a there new project what we don’t know what it is? but its been a year in the making and has its own website and game within it, but we don’t really know what it could be!




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