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Police Called As Youtuber Finds Possible Murder Weapon

A Youtuber, DALLMYD from Columbus, GA posted a video 3 days ago which has seemed to catch the attention of the internet.

Jake, posted the usual video of himself diving the rivers of Columbus but instead of finding the usual, fishing equipment, GoPro’s and sun glasses he discovered a gun!

As much as he’d have like to keep it to show people and to tell people the cool story Jake did the right thing and called the Cops. The cops arrived straight away to collect the mysterious gun. When handed the gun the officers said – “I know for sure we won’t be able to get any finger prints off the gun but we’ll take it back try and run the serial number and find out if it’s stolen or anything like that

This isn’t the first good deed DALLMYD has done, back in July he found a working iPhone while diving in the river and went through the effort to returned it to the owner.



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