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Pointlessblogsvlogs – Reads hilarious fake iMessages!!!

Alfie has just posted his latest vlog about the a new fan craze on Instagram. where fans are making up fake conversations between each other on iMessage! and to say the least some are really funny and others stir up a lot of drama! but are still pretty funny!

Lets take a look at this first scenario!

*Y/N = Your name!


This first one seems pretty normal! its just Zoe talking to her friend asking about how a date went, Until the last text where Zoella tells her fake friend that she is pregnant!!!

Number 2 this is a multi part one and its where things start to get very interesting it starts out with Zoe messaging Alfie saying she sorry for cheating!!!!

Then we move onto the next part where Alfie says he has found someone else!

Then another Bombshell is dropped guess who Zoe was cheating on Alfie with!!!!!!!

What a bombs that was! The next one is even better, next message is between the reader and Caspar!!!!

And the last one from this scenario is Zoe texting her friend asking about her holiday with Caspar after texting Alfie saying it was a mistake!!!!

You can read more of this funny and fake scenarios on Instagram @youtuber_textsss. there is even more and its not just texts on Zoella and Alfie!

Theres also a different story on Pointlessblogvlogs check out his latest vlog from today below!!




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