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PointlessBlog Says Goodbye To Vine In YouTube Video!

With the Vine network shutting down this week РAlfie Deyes created a video on his channel PointlessBlog saying goodbye to his Vine channel!

Vines were funny for a little while, but with the new Snapchat filters and other funny apps, it’s slowly died off.

Twitter officially closed down the Vine app this week, therefore the website has came to a close.

Alfie (PointlessBlog) used to have a Vine channel! So to say goodbye to the website, he sat with fellow YouTuber Zoella to go through the videos.

The Vines were incredibly cheesy and not really that funny! But they did make us giggle looking at young Zalfie.

Unfortunately, we can no longer view the vines – but luckily Alfie highlighted some of the best few!

You can watch the video that Alfie uploaded on his vlogging channel HERE!



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