Pewdiepie Shoots His 50 million Subscribers AwardUS Vloggers 

Pewdiepie Shoots His 50 million Subscribers Award Given To Him By YouTube

Pewdiepie decided to poke some fun at the controversy he caused the other day. when he let rip the N word that started off the #pewdiepieisoverparty, with a parody video of his alter ego Beast Master 64! He seems to be hunting for himself with what looks like an air rifle and a Stanley knife. Beast master 64 then sneaks around some offices and bumps into Snake from Metal Gear Solid, when beast master 64 talks to the figurine and he says ‘I love you like a father’.

Beast master 64 then makes his way to Pewdiepie’s office and takes a point blank range shot at the lights and misses. Sure enough he doesn’t miss the second time! Covering the room in shards of glass. He then gets worried if the pellet went through the roof to upstairs where people are working. It’s safe to say it’s definitely not powerful enough!

All of a sudden Pewdiepie turns up on what looks like an electric tricycle with an air pistol. Beast Master 64 challenges Pew to a shoot out. If Beast Master wins he gets to shoot the 50 million award and to kill Pewdiepi,e and if Pew wins he gets to keep Beast Master 64’s most prized possession: his rifle!

But funnily enough when Beast Master 64 talks you can see Pewdiepie’s electric tricycle behind him!!!

Round one starts off with Pew and his air pistol shooting a miniature cardboard cut out of himself, which he shoots in the head!

Beast Master 64’s target is a small blow up Jesus, which he shoots in the crotch!

They both score a point in round 1.

Round 2

Pewdiepie takes aim at the cardboard cutout again and misses!

Beast Master 64 takes aim at a blow up banana and hits, scoring the point in the second round!

2-1 to beast master 64!

Round 3

Pew takes aim once again at the cardboard cut-out and misses again! But tries to sneak in a second shot, but doesn’t count.

Beast Master 64 has already won by this point but takes aim for a victory lap! This time taking aim at the plant he’s been trolling for the entire video.
He hits and takes one of it’s branches off.

So it’s official. Beast Master 64 won. He takes aim at the 50 million award and shoots it, hits and it explodes in to a mushroom cloud (don’t think he really shot it haha). He then moves on to shoot Pewdiepie. He shoots him and it looks like Pewdiepie is dead. But wait he didn’t kill him, Pew picks up his pistol and shoots Beast Master 64 back, not killing him, but Beast Master 64 sends a shot
back at someone that isn’t pewdiepie!

And the video ends with Beast Master 64 riding around on the tricycle with a pistol shooting everything!



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