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The Return of Leafy!

The “Hitler of Youtube” LeafyisHere is back after a break lasting little under a week. The controversial YouTuber had previously stated in a video called “I’m quitting for now, not clickbait” That he would be taking a break from YouTube.

The events leading up to Leafy’s break was a combination of being overworked around the holidays and Youtube’s most recent flaw.┬áThis was expressed by Leafy in the start of video mentioned above. What we see next is Leafy talking about a rather large-scale issue effecting many big name YouTuber’s, its new updated algorithm.

Leafy goes on to express that content creators on YouTube are being brought to their knees by YouTube’s new algorithm, that according to Leafy is promoting more videos that are more age accessible.

Frustration is expressed by Leafy at YouTube for changing the way YouTube promotes content, and this has seemingly pushed him to take a break for an unspecified amount of time.


Five days later, where a video titled “im done” appeared on Leafy channel. The video cuts into Leafy’s companion Billy the Fridge who goes out to find Leafy in Seattle where both YouTubers currently reside, in a mission to get Leafy back on YouTube! Billy stated “He wasn’t done riding his coat-tails to the top!” It’s not long before he finds Leafy on a bench and gives him a motivational speech, and after some rather loud words echoing through the streets of Seattle: Leafy agrees to come back to YouTube.

Leafy’s return most likely has his fans happy and the people who hate everything he stands for – foaming at the mouth.

It will be interesting to see what the other large YouTubers will think of this short-lived break. And we are sure we will find out very quickly.

Let us know what you think of LeafyisHere in the comments and if you find any gossip about any Youtubers drop a link in the comments!



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