Katie Hopkins attacks YouTube Star Zoe Suggs over her new bookYouTube 

Katie Hopkins Unleashes Torrent Of Unfair Abuse At Zoella

Katie Hopkins yesterday, unleashed a torrent of abuse at famous YouTube Star Zoe Sugg, claiming that she was the worst of the lot on the video sharing site.

Its something we have come to expect over the last few years, Katie Hopkins giving undeserving people hassle over their normal or not-so-normal lives.

One such unlucky victim this week is Zoella YouTube star Zoe Sugg, who Hopkins has blasted for her anti-bullying views.

Hopkins said;

“The whole ‘I’ve been bullied, now watch me put on some make-up I’ve bought from MAC.¬†Zoella is the s***test of the lot.”

The crazy woman then ratified Zoella for not writing her own autobiography, girl online, after it emerged that her production team had written many parts of the book for her.

She also attacked the YouTube star for her views on anti-bullying claiming that there are people in a much worse state.

Zoella has over 9 Million fans on her YouTube account - that's 9 million more fans than Katie Hopkins has

It would appear that Hopkins is just causing trouble as usual and the attack has been brushed off by fans of Zoella and many other websites have launched attacks on Hopkins.

Sales of Girl Online topped more than 80,000 last week, beating Katie Hopkins non-existent book by an amazing 80,000 sales.



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