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How Much Does Jon Olsson’s RED Camera & Lenses Cost?

Jon Olsson has recently unveiled his new 8K vlog camera, which is huge and also comes with a massive price tag.

So let’s take a look at the camera itself  Jon says it’s the Red Epic W 8K which on the Red website retails for $29,500 – and that just gets you the camera. That’s no Lenses, no memory, no batteries!

Jon goes on to say he bought 6x batteries.
On the site they retail at $2100! For freakin’ batteries that’s crazy!

Now let’s move on to the lenses. They are all from the ultra bespoke German camera company Leica! With having 3 lenses, one being a Leica summicron 29mm T2.0 lens which costs another massive $17,500. The other Leica 100mm lens costs a whopping $17,100. Sadly Jon doesn’t tell us the specs of the third lens but we can only imagine it’s in the $17,000 price range!

Now here comes the fun part. If you want to film in 8K, it’s apparently around 600GB an hour! So we guess that Jon has to have a few memory cards!

Well the Red memory cards start from $850 for 128GB and go up to $3900 for 1TB, so we guess that Jon has about 1-2 Tb.

Depending on how he bought 512 or 1tb that could cost him: 2TB in 4x 512GB =$9800, or if it was in the 1TB then 1TB x 2 = $7800

Coming to the total (with the 2x1tb memory option) of $91,000. Yes you read that right, $91,000!

God only knows how much storage space he needs to back up all his videos and no doubt some sort of super computer and a super editor (Cough cough, @marcusvaleurto be able to churn out that 8K footage.

You can check out Jon’s daily vlogs HERE!



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