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Jayde Pierce welcomes baby girl Arla!!!!

Vlogger Jayde Pierce and partner Mike Dixon welcomed their baby Girl Arla, born on the 8th of January!

Jayde only announced she gave birth to the baby Arla yesterday! but she was born on the 8th January. Jayde also tweeted that she was in labor for 3 days straight ,thats a whole 72 hours trying to give birth to baby Arla! that sounds like a very painful experience to me!


But to add insult to injury she was spotted on her snapchat 2 hours ago, showing off her flat stomach after only 5 days of giving birth to her daughter!



None the  less we are very happy for new parents and glad everything went sort of smoothly by the sounds of it.
We wish them nothing but the best of luck with their new baby daughter Arla!




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