Is Zoella Pregnant?

If you where online yesterday you probably seen you twitter go into a storm after British Vlogger Zoella putout a tweet yesterday saying ‘Why am I craving Jelly? With over 7 Million followers it didn’t take long before the pregnancy rumours started! Zoe received well over 500 replies which where mostly fans demanding to know if she was pregnant!

Zoe was quick to shut the rumours down replying – Can’t you crave something without being pregnant!

Obviously Zoella and Cheryl don’t have the same thought process as not long after Zoe decided to reveal her plans for if she does fall pregnant (IMAGINE A ZALFIE BABY!!). She tweeted saying when she is pregnant she is going troll everyone for 9 months and then just walk into shot holding a baby!

Sounds like that could be the ultimate troll of 2017! In fact probably not We are sure PewDiePie is probably planning the next ultimate troll now after he trolled his audience last year saying once he hit 50 millions subscribers he’d delete his channel!



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