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Hobbie Stuart to Release Original Single!

Hobbie Stuart creates amazing music covers on his channel and has been for quite some time.

As well as doing the common ‘monthly favourites’ and the occasional vlog, Hobbie has released on Twitter that he is going to be putting up an original single next week (how exciting!)

He’s created covers by the amazing Adele, Biebs, Drake & more! So it’s going to be nice to see him use his amazing voice to do something original!

Hobbie is often known as (Hobs) by fellow Youtuber and good friend Gabbie Lindley (Velvetghost). She is also an amazing singer and has collaborated with Hobbie previously. Her cover with him singing Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding – was a smash online with 2 million views and 160,000 thumbs up! Watch it here!

His fans on twitter are thrilled with Hobbie’s announcement and it’s sure to be a smash hit!


We can’t wait Hobs!



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