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Are We Expecting A Pointless Book 3 To Drop In The Future?

In yesterday’s vlog, Alfie told us that he’s been discussing a Pointless Book 3!

He mentioned meeting with his team regarding another book, as the first two were so popular.

He already has the Pointless Book 1+2, as well as The Scrapbook Of My Life. We got TSOML last year, so it’s about time we got a new one for 2017!

Deyes also spoke about making the next book a lot more interactive, and possibly getting some of the PB gang to design some of the pages – how cool is that?

Oh – and a huge thing, heĀ also mentioned a book tour!

We look forward to Alf asking for our ideas over on his Twitter, but until then… we wait.

You can check out the video where he talks about it here!



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