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Everything Apple pro shows off his Apple Collection!

Oh man, this guy has some serious collection of Apple products!!!

In the landmark episode on Everything Apple Pro, to celebrate 3 million subscribers, Filip does a Q&A answering a lot of questions from: what cars he has owned to countries his travelled too. He also shows off his own personalised 3 million carbon fibre play button. As well as showing off progress on his new house being built. Which he gives a little tour of the place!

He also gives a little talk about jailbreaking iPhones and the benefits. He also talked about a new little project on creating renderings of potential rumoured new iPhone visuals and features!

Towards the end of the video, Filip shows of his prized iPhone/Apple products. He then shows us his sealed iPhone 2G with the app store. And apparently, the iPhone 2g without the app store sells for $10,000! How insane is that?!

He also has an original sealed iPad as well as sealed iPhone 3G and sealed 3Gs. If you thought that was impressive, he also has a whole hoard of other iPhones with different iOS operating system on them. And in total, he has 75 iPhones! 11 iPads and 3 iPod touch’s. All together he has 86 apple devices, not including all his broken iPhones, apple watches and apple computers he has! What a serious collection!!!

Congratulations on 3 million subscribers!!





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