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What Are Dumpster Diving Vloggers?

There are a bunch of vloggers up and coming that go dumpster diving, yes dumpster diving. Diving in bins to find new furniture, clothes, electronics and about anything else people can resell!

I have watched a fair few vlogs on this some people seem to do it just for the pure “thril” of getting free stuff. But we can’t make our mind up if it’s creepy and desperate or not, either way, the things that some stores and people throw away is somewhat crazy in a couple of cases.

I watched one Vlog where a store threw away about 12 boxes of perfectly good stuff from Pop figures to books and toys.
Why don’t they just donate it to charity? Well apparently its due to tax breaks, If they give it to charity, they can only claim 10% back on tax, but if they throw it away or destroy it, they can claim back 100% on taxes as a loss to the business. Crazy really when you think about it, as it would be better served to go to a children’s charity.

Let us know if you have ever been dumpster diving and what you found!

Watch below for a vlog on this and see the crazy amount of stuff you can find!



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