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Dallmyd’s Dives For Success!

Last week we told you about a local diver who came across a potential murder weapon whilst out and about in his local spots. This YouTuber has a lot of videos showing what he finds on these underwater adventures, and the potential murder weapon seemed like quite an exciting find at the time. You can check the original article out here.

He has just recently dropped a compilation video of the dives over the last year and the things he has found on them, which I’ve stuck below for your viewing pleasure! Not only does this guy find a possible murder weapon like he’s playing some sort of real life Cluedo, he finds a fair bit of tech down there as well. Granted it is mainly Go-pros or iPhones from unwitting voyagers losing their items over the side, but the most satisfying thing about this video compilation is possibly the returning of the items to their original owners – if they can be found.

One of the iPhones in the video looked destroyed but another looked in perfect condition. Later on you see the girl who lost it receiving it back. But for us it is the nice guy attitude shining through to catching animals with hooks in their mouths, or who have been snagged on a line and cutting them free. Attenborough would be proud! If that wasn’t nice guy enough for everyone, there is also a quick section of the video where we see him just simply cleaning the place up, cutting snagged ropes up and then later depositing them in the nearest bin, top Dude!

He starts the video out by stating how at the time of filming his channel has jumped to over 700k subscribers, following the murder weapon video. But when I checked this out today he now has just over 1 MILLION subs on his account! Hats off to him.

We are 100% looking forward to what he finds over the next year and hope he continues his plunderous searches right on through the year.



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