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Caspar Lee has recently reached 7 million subscribers on his Main Channel – Well done Caspar!


To celebrate reaching the 7 million mark, he’s decided to get a tattoo!

In his video we see him in what looks like a lot of pain – whilst getting inked.

Once it was finished, he decided to stick to his usual ways and trick his Mum into believing he got this as a tattoo…

As you can see, it’s a penis with ‘stay humble’ underneath it. Luckily this was photoshopped on. And his Mum wasn’t best pleased when she seen this. But once she ripped the plaster off his foot, she realised it’s a completely different design to the one above, and she liked it!

He actually got this…

It’s pretty cute! Caspar said it symbolises the YouTube triangle and also that a triangle is two 7’s joined together? I don’t know if that idea works but sure! Thank god it isn’t a tattoo of a penis! Although we aren’t too sure that all of the screaming was worth it for that little thing!


Well done Caspar on 7 million, here’s to another 7!

You can watch the video of him showing the tattoo process HERE!



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