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Casey’s Camera Complaints

Mr Neistat has started the year off with a little bit of a moan but a clearer insight into the things he is currently working on, what he has been up to and mainly how he feels about that. Not that he is sat there complaining about the pretty awesome life he appears to have, but the Youtube positivity thing that is going about at the moment is something that Casey wants to shed some light on, that there are other sides to the Youtubers we all watch daily, than what we see on camera.

He’s been off in South Africa doing some running, because you know asphalt is no good on the knees so you better hop on a flight to Africa to really get in the swing of things, but we are given a great running tip, and you guys didn’t even have to leave whatever room you started reading this in, for a 20% speed increase ensure that you are listening to the Tron Theme Tune by Daft Punk, and this is definitely something I’m gonna tell someone about and let you guys know how it goes when they have tried it, my running days are behind me as I’m not in school anymore so cross country and sprints are not something I can be forced into, and also I don’t have access to South Africa now and yaknow asphalt is no good on the knees.

But, back to the video, Casey’s CNN project is looking good, he’s editing a really sweet looking video he made out in South Africa, and he has built a pretty awesome gaming room in his suite, which obviously meant going past the epic Pop Hero collection he has (something I’m always happy to see). The video itself is shot slightly differently to the usual Neistat vlogs we are used to, but the quality is now 4k which is pretty sweet unless you are watching it in regular old HD like the rest of the peasants, then it just looks like a weird angle, not a bad angle just a bit different than normal.

Check the video below to see Casey shedding some insight on the life behind the lens, and what being a Youtuber means for him.



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