Vlogger Casey Neistat brought in 2017 in style, visiting Cape Town with his family but the fun doesn't end there! Casey also got treated by MaseratiUS Vloggers 

Casey Neistat Welcomes 2017 In Style!

Vlogger Casey Neistat brought in 2017 in style!

Casey uploaded his latest travel video today, titled ‘time with the family‘ The video is certainly not short of spectacular views from land, sea and air! But what else do you expect from Casey!
We see Casey spend time with his wife Candice his daughter Francine and His son Owen!

It took a monumental 30 hours worth of travelling from New York City! With a stop off In Dubai and then back on another flight to Cape Town. But it seems it was all worth while!

Casey and Owen are spotted climbing mountains in the scenic Cape Town. 
With the views being breathtaking!

Casey and co were spotted at Maserati race week – which is a celebration of high end yacht racing! With one particular boat setting sail from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Maserati treated Casey and family for a boat trip around Cape Town, hitting some choppy seas on the way back to shore resulting in a few people getting a bit wet!  After arriving back on dry land, Casey is handed the keys for a beautifully loud Maserati convertible sports car, Casey looks like a kid in a candy store whilst driving the Italians sports car (I can’t blame him) !

The video ends on a massive cliff hanger saying he isn’t flying back to NYC with Candice. He says he’s flying to and boom the video ends!  



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