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Is Casey Neistat Having a Midlife Crisis?

Is Casey Neistat having a midlife crisis? Casey posted a picture earlier today featuring a new hair colour, which matches his daughter Francine, Yes that’s right Casey has dyed his hair BLONDE!!!!

Comments on Casey’s new hair colour seem pretty positive. Most people seem to be like the new colour and some Instagram followers thought it was terrible with comments such as ‘Cringe’ And other comments saying he looks like ‘Logan Paul’s brothers’ and another saying ‘U lowkey look a MESS’.

We are looking forward to seeing the vlog explaining the radical change in hair colour and why he did it.Casey Neistat Blonde Hair

Casey Neistat is currently on holiday in South Africa with his family, Owen, Francine and Candice.

He ended his daily vlogging sessions last year, citing that he had become bored of the daily upload grind and had decided to still upload regular weekly videos instead.

He is best known for his product un-boxing’s and day to day life vlogs including family holidays and trip reviews, with his review of Emirates first class gaining millions of views in just a few days.

Casey Neistat recently sold his social media company “Beme” to broadcasting company CNN for an undisclosed amount, although its reported to have been around the $25 Million Dollar mark.

In November 2016, Neistat announced another creation in association with Beme, called Exit Poll. The app followed a simple premise of asking users to share who they were voting for.



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