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Blogger Georgie Aldous calling for more British male make-up models

Georgie Aldous, a beauty blogger is campaigning for British male make-up artists to appear on TV.

The idea of this petition came about after Cover girl announced James Charles their spokes-model. Georgie Aldous felt the need after this announcement to get more make-up adverts to take more male models rather than women.

The impact of how make-up has helped men grow more confidence is unbelievable. Make-up sales in countries such as South Korea has gone up with males buy more make-up for jobs and looking fresher and younger.

The fact that countries such America having 2 male make-up models puts perspective on how the UK is behind. Especially how most countries  now have a new change of gender make-up adverts.

It is still believed that the British industry is still backwards in gender equality with still no male models on television in 2017. He says that the UK beauty industry ‘needs to be revolutionised’ in order for more men to feature on makeup stands.



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