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Is Casey Neistat Having a Midlife Crisis?

Is Casey Neistat having a midlife crisis? Casey posted a picture earlier today featuring a new hair colour, which matches his daughter Francine, Yes that’s right Casey has dyed his hair BLONDE!!!! Comments on Casey’s new hair colour seem pretty positive. Most people seem to be like the new colour and some Instagram followers thought it was terrible with comments such as ‘Cringe’

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Zalfie’s Halloween Party Video Features Group of Friends

Alfie and Zoe AKA Zalfie have hosted a cosy Halloween party which saw them dress up and watch a horror movie with a group of friends! Zoella dressed up as the goblin king from the film Labyrinth. Whereas Alfie didn’t really have a definitive costume, he had some makeup and three different masks And went around scaring his friends at any opportunity he had. They also dressed Nala up as a pumpkin!  

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Casey Neistat’s terror scare in NYC

Casey Neistat voiced his concerns over the horrifying terror attack that happened in New York City yesterday as Casey tweeted from near the scene of the crime, saying he only lived three blocks away, Luckily his family were safe. witnesses say a car intentionally ran people down and police confirmed shots were fired. 3 blocks from my apt, family is safe — Casey Neistat (@CaseyNeistat) 31 October 2017 Casey, also they tweeted later on about a group of friends who had a reunion in New York City that day, and…

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