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Emily Canham & Boyfriend Jake Boys Split Up!

Jemily fans woke up to the worst news this morning. Both Jake Boys and Emily Canham announced today they have split up. Emily today posted on her Instagram; Hey! This is something that has taken some time to be okay to talk about online. Firstly, thank you to those of you who have been madly supportive over the last little while, it means more thank you can imagine! Jake and I are no longer together. We’re still friends, there’s no hate or bitterness we just grew apart and our lives are…

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EXCLUSIVE: SUGG LIFE Store To Be Investigated By Fraud Team?

VloggerGossip can reveal today that SuggLife.com has been handed over to Barclay Banks Online Fraud Investigation Squad after customers are left with no merchandise or refunds! Lets throw it back to the beginning of December, when Joe and Zoe both announced the release of their new merchandise “SUGG LIFE”. The merch included the usual hoodies, phone cases and a calendar. The merch was available via SuggLife.com but was operated by The Creators Store , which was created by Zoe’s boyfriend Alfie (PointlessBlog). The Creators Store does not only sell Sugg Life’s merch…

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Why Your Favourite YouTubers Don’t Upload Much In January

You might have seen some of your favourite YouTubers saying they will be taking a break during January.  They will most likely be telling you this is because they are burnt out or need a break –  when in reality, the most likely reasoning is low CPM’s! CPM stands for ‘Cost Per Mile’and is how much an advertiser pays the creator per 1,000 impressions. For example, if the CPM is $3 and the video get 100,000 views the creator would earn approximately $300 from that video. An interesting point is the…

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