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Air Pods or Air Poo?

Another hit video from the guys over at Unbox Therapy this time takes a look at the new Airpods, the wireless earphones that are designed alongside the newest IPhone, but for the first time ever they do NOT come with the smartphone, no earphones come alongside the device.

The key feature that is highlighted in the below video is that these Airpods are sooooo much quicker at pairing with your phone over Bluetooth like waves than other wireless Bluetooth ear or headphones from the competition out there. You simply place the Airpods in their case, open the lid and the phone recognises this as an opportunity to connect them to the device, which is really quite speedy, but does this mean you have to have your case with you at all times? Like if you were on the way to work, you take them off when you get to work and put them away, will they stay connected or will they disconnect and then you have to reconnect them later. Obviously the speed and convenience of the auto connect whenever the case is opened makes this easy but will having the searching feature on all the time kill the battery life on both the Airpods and the phone itself? We all know that battery life is not a strong point on these hi-tech new phones.

They do have an android friendly feature, or a wire because you know absolutely every other device has an audio jack!

In summary, the Airpods are wireless, which to me is a major no no when it comes to earphones that go with your phone or music player, when are you going to be so far away from your device that the wire is a problem? More often than the battery will die on the Airpods? I mean even with a super eco safe battery mode it is still not going to be better than the battery life of a cable, infinite battery life. Personally, I reckon we will see a return of the audio jack in the next IPhone or maybe one a bit futher down the line, I think Apple have got to the point where they can’t come up with new ideas that we acutally need so by taking stuff away when everyone buys the next gen model anyway is an easy way for them to guarantee a future model has something people want, let’s see what happens on the IPhone 9, the return of the audio jack and the end of Airpods?

As always we would love to hear from you, who has the Airpods and what are your thoughts on them? How is the sound quality and how often would you take them out over a set of regular earphones? Who had a pair but lost them already? And who has bought the most replacements at this point?



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