No More Ads On YouTube Channels With Less Than 10,000 ViewsYouTube 

No More Ads On YouTube Channels With Less Than 10,000 Views

If your not a creator you may have had enough of hearing about YouTube Ads, Ad Revenue and ‘The end of YouTube’.

Recently YouTube and consequently their creators have had a huge backlash from advertisers such as Coca Cola and Walmart after The Wall Street Journal did an article on ads appearing alongside racist and extremist videos.

Today YouTube have announced a step which they hope will stop advertisers pulling their ads from the platform.

YouTube told the WSJ today that channels with less than 10,00o views in total will not be able to monetise their channel with Google Adsense.

This feature was launched to stop channels/people who rip and re-upload other peoples content from making money from it and taking revenue from original creators.

You maybe asking how this helps the problem of ads showing against wrong/disturbing content.

Introducing this new rule will considerably reduce the amount of monetised videos YouTube has to keep an eye on and also will stop disturbing videos which are that bad they don’t even get a considerable amount of views from being monetised, hopefully keeping advertisers happy.



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