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AdamLZ’s Skatepark Gets Shut Down By The Town?

BMX Vlogger AdamLZ announced to his viewers on Christmas Day that he was building a pretty professional-looking skatepark in his back garden.

Adam uploaded a vlog today titled “City Denies My Backyard Skatepark”, which shows building inspectors showing up at their home to halt the building process on the first day! The inspectors said they had an anonymous tip prompting them to inspect it further.

The skatepark is set to take up-to two weeks to build and Adam has flew in a team of professionals to complete the build to the best standard.

Adam and the team of park designers were under the impression that they could build the ramps 5ft from the back property line but the inspectors informed them this was wrong. They stated that they would need a permit as it has to be 25ft from the back property line, which obviously meant they had to take the skatepark back to the drawing board as there was nothing they could do about these laws.

Adam LZ Skatepark Design

It seemed everything worked out in the end and its looking 99% certain that we’ll see this park completed, as Adam finishes the video by saying they worked out a new, more compact design which doesn’t conflict with any town laws. He also tells his viewers how being nice and not angry worked in his favour when he visited the town’s office for a permit.

Good Luck Adam and if you are reading this text Jimmy and tell him to get on to the insurance about that plane ticket so he can fly back and ride it with you!

You can check out Adam’s vlogs HERE!



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