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1000 degree knife challenge – YouTube hit or miss

We have all seen the 1000 degree knife challenge hit the internet. But what exactly is it?

The challenge is to see a 1000 degree knife cut into many household objects and other things, which it suggests in it’s title. But who started it and why is entertaining?

This “craze” was started by YouTube channel Mr Gear, who uploads many of the videos doing the same thing again and again. The challenge sounds stupid right? Well actually its been a hit!

Mr Gear has gained nearly 2 million more subscribers since the first launch of the videos. This is a record as most channels don’t achieve this for many years! Despite being a hit or a miss among viewers on YouTube, due to many not seeing the point of the challenge and its waste of food and money. But many see it as entertainment as it’s unusual and interesting to watch. Especially since we all wish we could do it but daren’t due to the mess!

It has lead to many viewers and YouTubers to do experiments themselves! And not just with knives! For example, another YouTube group called Shonduras have expanded the challenge to other cutlery such as a fork! Although it is a change from seeing the knives somehow forks do not give of the same sense of thrill as knives do.

However all these YouTubers have done the experiments in some safe environment, so if anyone wants to try this please don’t as it is very dangerous! (sorry had to warn you for health and safety! Boring I know, I do apologise!)

Since it was a crazy year in 2016 and with the start of 2017 with knife challenges who knows what will happen in the rest of the year!



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